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          Welcome to the School of Canine Bowen Therapy.
The School of Canine Bowen Therapy has been developed by Bowen Therapists Pennie Clayton and Madeline Freeman.   More information about them can be found on the "Meet the Team" page.
This course is aimed at human Bowen therapists who wish to learn how to treat dogs. Our ongoing mission is to formulate a course that is instructive, supportive, thought provoking as well as delivering top class information and instruction on Bowen specifically developed for dogs. We aim to deliver this in a friendly, interactive way.  It is important for everyone who joins us in training feels that they can ask questions " There is no such thing as a stupid question"
Canine Bowen is all about the dog. This might seem a bit obvious but many people think that giving Bowen to dogs is identical to working with a human or even a horse.
This could not be further from the truth. Dogs respond very differently from people or horses and they differ in the amount of Bowen which they can take in any one treatment. It is important that we do not have pre conceived ideas about delivering Bowen to dogs. Dogs have very special needs and as we work we need to gain their confidence and trust to get the best results.
Canine Bowen therapists have found that it is best to put any ideas of how any one session is going to be conducted to one side, instead the dog needs to lead and dictate the treatment.
Dogs are especially sensitive to Bowen and may only need half the amount of Bowen that a human client may need.
This is a big aspect of this course and students will be encouraged to watch for signs and reactions from dogs that are being worked on.
When we work with dogs we need to be especially aware of canine communication so that these signals can be read throughout a session.This allows us to respond by making good decisions during the time we are working with a dog.
Putting dogs first during Bowen is incredibly important and working at their speed is also something that we will talk frequently about during this course; this cannot be underestimated as success can be compromised if too much Bowen is delivered.
You do not need to be a dog specialist to know the right time to stop a Bowen session but you do need to have a feeling for how Bowen works and we will teach you the rest.
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